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Silver Category
Micro Enterprises
(Turnover upto Rs. 5 cr)

All Kinds of Tiny & Micro Enterprises, Start-Ups, Young and Women Entrepreneurs.


Gold Category
Small Enterprises
(Turnover from Rs. 5 cr to Rs. 50 cr)

All Kinds of Small sized Enterprises, Start-Ups, Young & Women Entrepreneurs, Professional and Business services.


Platinum Category
Medium sized Enterprises
(Turnover from Rs. 50 cr to 250 cr)

All Kinds of Medium sized Enterprises, Start-Ups, Young & Women Entrepreneurs, Professional and Business services


Mid - Corporate Category
Mid - Corporate Enterprises
(Turnover from Rs. 250 cr to Rs 500 cr)

All Kinds of Mid-Corporate Enterprises


Corporate Category
(Turnover from Rs. 500 cr and above)

All Kinds of Corporate, MNCs, Manufacturing, Realty, Finance, Insurance, PSUs, Banking, Education, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, manufacturing industries, Businesses and Service Sector.


Patron Category
By Invitation

Enterprises, Entrepreneurs, Business Tycoons, Thought Leaders, Sr. Executives from SMEs, MNCs, Corporate, FIs, Education Institutes & high profile Individuals.

• Enrolment as a Member / Subscription to Newsletters, Receive regular information regarding Conference, Programs and Activities
• Opportunity as the member/subscriber to attend and involve in various activities for networking, contact building, exchange of business information, knowledge sharing, present issues and problem, suggestions and recommendations.
• Certificate of Membership
• Recommendation for business visa for Member and senior executive of the Company to Embassies and Consulates.
• Discount on participation fee for Seminars, Training Programs and Conferences for Company Executives.
• Opportunity to promote Products or Services or New Business Activity amongst members and associate companies by way of E-mailer, company profile in delegate kit, presentations, display or standee and booth at various conferences, seminars and Training Programs at concessional charges specially for life members.
• Recommendation letters to Government Agencies, Banks, Corporates and other concerned authorities
• Eligibility for applying “Women Entrepreneurs Business Excellence Awards”
• Resolution of issues and problems related to industry and business
• Opportunity as the speaker or panellist at various Conferences, Training Programs and Seminars to share knowledge and experience as per your expertise, interest and theme of the activity.
• To share articles in "Women Entrepreneurs Connect Magazine"(3 articles per year).
• 20% discount for advertisement in SME Connect Magazine
• Opportunity to join as the Member of delegations to visit various countries for business promotion and building connectivity

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